Guidelines & SOP

1UGCClick to Here
2Regarding uploading SOP of Antiragging.Click to Here
3Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical and Health ResearchClick to Here
4SOP reg Condemnation & Disposal Policy 2022Click to Here
5Guidelines, SOPs, & Proforma for research ActivitiesClick to Here
6SOP for Food SafetyClick to Here
7 Office order regarding Institutional Research Committee.Click to Here
8SOP, Format and Proformas for IMFP.Click to Here
9 Proprietary Certificate Ortho MS Merivaara CorporationClick to Here
10SOP, Format and Proformas for IMFPClick to Here
11Saxual Assault Victim at UPUMSClick to Here
12 Approval of UPUMS Condemnation and Disposal Policy in 11 EC Meeting held on 12 sept 2023Click to Here
13 Amended Order for Condemnation of items with their respective AnnexuresClick to Here
14Policy on Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences, SaifaiClick to Here
15SOP - UPUMS News LetterClick to Here
16SOP for Governing HostalsClick to Here
17Regarding the Approval of SOP's for Cultural and Sports Event, UPUMS, SaifaiClick to Here
18 SOP of Career Advancement and Guidance CommitteeClick to Here
19 Supply of Consumables for ABG machinesClick to Here
20 UPUMS House Allotment Rules 2022Click to Here