Faculty of Pharmacy

Saifai, Etawah, (UP) India-206130

Facilities & Services

Research and Development Activities :

1. Technology Development Centre:

College undertakes sponsored projects for the development of economically viable processes for bulk pharmaceutical chemicals of synthetic or natural products origin, conventional and novel dosage forms.

2. Pharmacological and Toxicological Screening Facilities:

The Institute will carry out :

  • Pharmacological screening of NCE’s
  • Safety pharmacology
  • in vivo Mutagenicity
  • in vitro Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity
  • Radio-receptor binding assays and
  • Regulatory toxicological testing viz, acute and sub chronic toxicity testing

3. Computer Aided Drug Design Laboratory:

The Computer Aided Drug Design Laboratory of our college will have Silicone Graphics Octane and Silicone Graphics Fuel main frame computers with various molecular modeling packages such as SYBYL, PC SPARTAN PRO, CHEM-X, AMBER, Gaussain 98, Protein Data Bank, and Alchemy etc. The objective of this laboratory is to rationally design new chemical entities for various therapeutic areas. The laboratory also imparts training in molecular modeling to scientist, research students from other universities/Institutes.

Important Information:

Pharmacy College Saifai will begin M.Pharmacy courses shortly. The No Objection Certificate for starting the course stated will be issued by Department Of Medical Education U.P.

Regarding this, we are about to establish the following high-tech research activity in the field of pharmacy.

1. National Bioavailability Centre:

The National Bioavailability Centre of the Institute will conduct bioequivalence studies in healthy human volunteers. It will be designed, as for an analytical laboratory equipped with sophisticated equipment.

2. Synthesis and Research Laboratory:

Pharmacy College Saifai is about to create a peptide synthesis facility. The peptide synthesis is planned to function on a fully automated CSBIO-136 peptide synthesizer by a team consisting of expert peptide chemists. The facility would be able to synthesize upto 12 amino acids containing peptide in 24 hours.

3. Combichem Research Laboratory:

The Institute will create Combichem Research Laboratory. The fully automated Multiple Organic Synthesizer with on-line analytical facility will enable high speed solution and solid phase synthesis of libraries of molecules. The multiple vessel reaction platforms will make the synthesis feasible under various conditions such as low temperature (uo to -80°C), high temperature (up to 200°C), and high pressure.