Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Pediatrics Department


Department of Pediatric is Dynamic & Vibrant Department of University Since the beginning of this Institute, department has made new Identity in Academic excellence, research & Patient Care in State as well as country level. We Serve pediatric population up to 14 years of age of around 9-10 adjoing district & Border districts of M.P. and Rajasthan. We with our faculty and PG Trainee, technical and administrative staff working tirelessly to improve the health services of newborn, children and adolescent.

  • We are providing OPD Services/ Emergency Services to children as well as Neonates apart from that we are apex center for Thallasemia and Hemophilia patient.
  • Being a academic centre teaching pediatric medicine is our passion. We make future Pediatrician by excellent training to our PG students. We also train out staff nurse as well as nurses of other neighbouring state in various training program like NSSK, FBNC, NBSU and other programs.
  • We have dedicated and persistently learning faculty who are always Indulge teaching, research and patient care as well as administrative work.


Our vision is to provide best of advance health care to newborn, child and adolescent of the region as well as provide excellence of pediatric training to our undergraduate and postgraduate students.


  • Imparting knowledge, skill and competency based training to out student.
  • Converting our knowledge to evidence based by ongoing ethical research.
  • Evidence based patient care.
  • Creating awareness among the masses about local health issue like important of breast feeding, home base newborn care and prevention of diarrheal illness etc.


Faculty and Staff –

Faculty members – We have 08 faculty members in department of pediatrics.

Sl.No. Name Designation Date of Joining Resume
1 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav Professor & Head 01.11.2006 View
2 Dr. Indra Kumar Sharma Professor 03.08.2022 View
3 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Professor 15.01.2013 View
4 Dr. Durgesh Kumar Associate Professor 20.03.2013 View
5 Dr. Ganesh Kumar Verma Associate Professor 22.06.2015 View
6 Dr. Ramesh Chand Assistant Professor 31.10.2019 View
7 Dr. Shambhavi Mishra Assistant Professor 10.08.2022 View
8 Dr. Muniba Alim Assistant Professor 16.08.2022 View

List of Senior Residents –

Sl.No. Name Date of Joining
1 Dr. Urousa Irfan 29/08/2022
2 Dr. Chandra Prabha 29/08/2022
3 Dr. Pawan Saraswat 30/08/2022
4 Dr. Ashok Kumar 30/08/2022
5 Dr. Garvita Sriavastava 31/08/2022