Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Pathology Department


The department was established since inception of the Institute in year 2006. The first batch of MBBS (Strength 100) was taught in year 2007.The department was housed in Admin Block until 2008, when a separate Academic Block was constructed. In year 2013, the MBBS seats were increased to 150. In year 2019, the MBBS seats were further increased to 200. The MD course in the department was started with 04 seats in year 2016. In the early years the staff consisted only of four faculty members. With continuous increase in hospital work and the teaching load, it has grown to 10 faculty members, 08 junior residents and 02 senior residents, and a fair number of technical staff. The present department is well equipped for both undergraduate and postgraduate.


  • Provide state-of-the-art diagnostic pathology services while achieving excellence in education and research in pathology.

Goals/ Mission:

  • To provide efficient, comprehensive, highest quality laboratory testing and expert pathology diagnosis to patients.
  • To develop and implement outstanding educational programs for medical graduate and postgraduate students in Pathology.
  • To engage in investigative research and academics pursuits related to the understanding of disease as well as supporting interdisciplinary research efforts.
  • To foster mentorship and guidance in medical education.
  • To promote the professional and personal growth of our faculty, students and staff.

Key Features:

  • Under-graduate and Post-graduate teaching
  • Histopathology division catering to surgical pathology
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Liquid based cytology
  • Research work
  • Publications in national and international peer-reviewed, indexed journals
  • Regular participation in conferences, CMEs and workshops


At present the main units in the department of Pathology are-
  1. Hematology (including 24hrs emergency lab, special hematology lab, clinical pathology lab) Lab
  2. A well equipped hematology lab is functioning with facilities of automated cell counters, automated coagulometer and offers a wide range of tests using advanced automated technology.

  3. Histopathology Lab
  4. Histopathology laboratory is providing routine diagnostic and specialized histopathology as well as immunohistochemistry services. Histopathology laboratory is well equipped with automated tissue processors, autostainers and autoimmunostainers for managing large number of patients samples with rapid turnaround time.

    Frozen section facility is performed on regular basis whenever requested by the surgeons. Frozen section facility is being used for preoperative diagnosis, evaluation of resection margins, sentinel nodes, etc.

  5. Immunohistochemistry Lab
  6. Extensive list of antibodies is available for immunophenotyping of tumors. The technique and panels have been optimized and are being used routinely. Both manual and automated techniques are used.

  7. Cytopathology Lab
  8. FNAC, exfoliative cytology, squash smears, imprint smears, oral brush cytology and fluid cytology are routinely done.

  9. Liquid Based Cytology Lab
  10. LBC lab is well equipped with SUREPATH liquid-based cytology system and is used for both gynaecological and surgical pathology.

  11. Research lab
  12. A well equipped research laboratory is functioning with facilities of deca head microscope with photography unit, binocular microscope, teaching microscopes with monitor.

  13. Museum
  14. It houses more than 700 specimens organized in a systematic fashion, helping the postgraduates and undergraduates in understanding the anatomic pathology.

  15. UG practical labs
  16. Have 02 practical laboratories equipped with instruments, monocular microscopes, equipments for hematology and histopathology practical teaching.


Departmental library has more than 300 international and national specialty related text books.

Blood Bank
  • Blood bank was started in 2006 and has made great strides since its inception
  • Got license on 20/7/2006 for whole blood
  • Upgraded for component separation on 20/7/2011
  • Having facility of Apheresis (License awaited)
  • All transfusion transmitted infections (TTI) testing is done by Chemiluminescence and NAT since (Jan 2022)