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Microbiology Department


Vision of the department is to provide up-to-date and holistic theoretical & practical training for MBBS, MD (Microbiology) to carry out frontline research in all disciplines of Microbiology and to train good academicians and teachers in the discipline. The department is actively involved in teaching undergraduates and postgraduates.

Two hundred undergraduate MBBS students join the undergraduate course every year and continue till they pass out after spending one and half years affiliated to this Department. MBBS students get adequate exposure to the field of Clinical Microbiology through various teaching-learning methodologies, such as lectures, practical demonstrations, micro-teaching sessions, hands-on practical sessions, formative and summative assessments as per the guidelines issued by NMC.

Eight postgraduate students are enrolled in the department every year. During their 3-year stay in the department, they are intimately involved in learning various laboratory techniques in Clinical Microbiology, interpretation of laboratory results and correlation of laboratory results with clinical findings. In addition, the PG students have to undertake thesis work under the guidance of the faculty members, which equips them to develop a scientific temper. The students are encouraged to present their research work in various national and international scientific fora.

Department of Microbiology is a multidisciplinary unit consisting of Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Serology, HIV Laboratory, Parasitology and Mycobacteriology.

The department offers facilities for automated detection, identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing by Bactec and VITEK 2, MGIT(BSL-3), LPA and GeneXpert . The department also has the facility of inverted and fluorescent microscopy. The department has also introduced GeneXpert as routine diagnostic test for diagnosis of TB and detection of rifampicin resistance in extraplumonary TB, pediatric TB and HIV associated TB.

The department has also established LPA lab for detection of TB and detection of resistance to first line and second line drugs.

The Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratories (VRDL) Lab, which was established centrally by DHR ICMR, provides services to various viral infections throughout the state. During the reference period, and with the onset of COVID 19 pandemic, the VRDL lab performed over 18.6 lac SARS-CoV2 RTPCR tests.

The department is making an all round effort to provide newer diagnostic services for better patient care, upgraded training program for the students: both undergraduates and postgraduates, and a congenial environment for research and innovation.


Laboratories are equipped with latest instrument to provide reliable testing results. Instruments available are:

Bacteriology Lab: Biosafety cabinet, BACTEC, Incubator (BOD), Refrigerator 4-8°C, Deep freezer, Cold room (walk in type), Autoclave, VITEK-2.

Virology and Serology: Biosafety cabinet, 96 well automatic extractor, PCR machine, Refrigerator -80°c & -20°c, Elisa plate reader, Refrigerator 4-8°c, ChemiElisa machine, -20 and -80 deep freezers.

Mycobacteriology Lab: Biosafety cabinet, fluorescent microscope, Incubator , Refrigerator 4-8°c , Inspissator , Centrifuge, Hot air oven, Gene Xpert system (4 module), Deep freezer.

LPA Lab: Twincubator, PCR machine, Work station, Deep freezer -20°c, Refrigerator 4-8°C, GT-blot 48 (hybirdization washer)/ microfuge.

BSL-3 Lab: MGIT BACTEC 960 -1, Bio safety cabinet class A2, Cold centrifuge.

Mycology: Refrigerator 4-8°c, Biosafety cabinet, Bod incubator.

Parasitology: Refrigerator 4-8°c, Biosafety cabinet, Binocular microscopes.

Sl.No. Name Designation Resume
1 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma Professor & Head View
2 Dr. Amit Singh Professor View
3 Dr. Dharmendra Prasad Singh Professor (Jr Grade) View
4 Dr. Sweta Singh Assistant Professor View
Services Provided:

Bacteriology Lab:

Incharge Faculty: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma, Professor and Head andco-incharge, Dr. Sweta Singh, Assistant Professor.

Investigations Available:

  • Automated culture, identification and AST by Bactec and Vitek-2 for blood and other body fluids.
  • Direct Examination of Specimens by:
    • Gram’s stain
    • Albert stain
    • Hanging drop: Motility for bacteria
    • Wet mount - preparation for Urine
  • Routine and convetional culture, identification and antimicrobial susceptibility of different clinical specimen e.g. Blood, Bone marrow, CSF, Pus, Bile, Urine, Respiratory sample (Sputum, BAL, ET aspirate, Lung aspirate), Sterile Body fluids, Faecal specimen, Catheter tips of the central lines, Throat/nasal swabs, Other Swabs, Drain, Aspirate, Biopsy, Cervical discharge, Urethral discharge, Semen, etc.
    • Processing and identification for the Gram Positive Cocci.
    • Processing and identification of the Gram Negative Bacilli (lactose fermenter).
    • Processing and identification for Gram Negative Bacilli (Nonlactose fermenter).
  • Detection of antimicrobial susceptibility by CLSI method: Disc diffusion (Kirby Bauer & Stoke’s method).

Incharge Faculty: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma, Professor and Head, and co-incharge, Dr. Sweta Singh, Assistant Professor.

Investigations Available:

  • Dengue NS1 antigen (ELISA)
  • Dengue IgM (ELISA)
  • ChikungunyaIgM (ELISA)
  • Japanese encephalitis IgM (ELISA)
  • Viral markers (HIV,Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C)
  • TORCH panel
  • Real time PCR (COVID-19, ZIKA & Influenza virus)
  • Micro PCR and Viral Load for Hepatitis B and C
Mycobacteriology Lab:

Incharge Faculty: Dr. Amit Singh, Professor.

Investigations Available:

  • Z-N staining/ Fluorescent Staining
  • Solid culture on L-J media for T.B
  • MGIT liquid culture for T.B
  • CBNAAT for T.B
  • Slit skin smear for leprosy
  • 8. LPA

Incharge Faculty: Dr. Amit Singh, Professor.

Investigations Available:

  • HIV diagnostic testing (NACO strategy II & III) and patient counselling; RPR Test for Syphilis.
Mycobacteriology Lab:

Incharge Faculty: Dr. Amit Singh, Professor.

Investigations Available:

  • Malaria- Thick & thin blood film examination
  • Filariasis- Blood examination
  • Faeces- Direct preparation (for trophozoites)
    • Saline mount examination
    • Iodine mount examination
    • Concentration (for ova & cyst)
    • Sedimentation techniques (formol saline)
    • Flotation technique
    • Modified acid fast staining for Cryptosporidium, Isospora&Cyclospora
Serology and Immunology:

Incharge Faculty: Dr. Dharmendra Prasad Singh, Professor (Junior Grade).

Investigations Available:

  • Typhidot
  • Rapid card test (malaria, filaria and dengue)
  • Antistreptolysin-o
  • CRP
  • VDRL
  • RPR
  • WIDAL by Tube and Rapid card
Mycology Lab:

Incharge Faculty: Dr. Dharmendra Prasad Singh, Professor (Junior Grade).

Investigations Available:

  • KOH mount
  • Fungal culture (nail, skin and hair)
  • Fungal culture for body fluids
  • India ink stain