Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences

Saifai Etawah UP-206130

Central Library

With an eye toward mastering the accelerated demands of the information future, the Health Sciences and Human Services, Central Library of UPUMS Saifai, Etawah, established in 2006. Since, its inception, we have been serving the library users/readers' with our efficient & prompt services. Library offer information resources and services to help students, faculty, and staff excel. With a wealth of databases, tutorials, study spaces, journals, and outstanding book collections. We have advanced systems to retrieve medical information, having online access of one of the best product available in the field of Medical Sciences i.e. ProQuest Medical Library. ProQuest Medical Library is a quality full­text database providing a strong, stable foundation for a ny libra ry wishing to build or expand its clinical and biomedical journal resources.

Central Library is regularly conducting innovative Information keeping abreast its readers' with latest literature in their specific area of interest, for the benefit of students, researchers and Faculty members. We endeavor to further improve all our efforts to facilitate right information to the right user at the right time.

Central Library provides the online information as well as; print issues of national and International journals of Medical Sciences, rich collection of Medical Sciences books and better reading place for readers. Its our sustainable efforts to provide World Class Library Management systems in this rural area of Uttar Pradesh.

Our collection reflects our core priority areas of Medical Sciences literature. Currently, library holdings of Books: 14680, which includes textbooks for the MBBS, Post Graduate-students, Paramedical & Nursing courses and reference books on all subjects of Medical Sciences. On-line access to full text as well as bibliographic databases is being subscribed to facilitate researchers, teachers and students.

Our exciting plans for Central Library expansion includes subscription of all major scientific research journals as well as access of e-journals & bibliographic databases etc. Soon UPUMS, Library will become fully digital library with all modern equipments & facilities.

Details of Library Staff

Sr. Name of Staff Designation
1 Mr. Vinod Patel Librarian
2 Mr. Yogendra Nath Misra Documentalist
3 Mr. Gaurav Kr. Bajpai Librarian Clerk
4 Mr. Ravindra Singh Library Assistant
5 Mr. Anurag Singhal Library Assistant
6 Mrs. Anku Srivastava Library Assistant
7 Mrs. Geeta Rastogi Library Assistant

Library Services

  • Bibliographic Services
  • Circulation Services
  • Reference Services
  • Literature Review Services
  • Internet & Scanning Services