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Agreement signed between the University and Service Provider
S.No. Title File Type File Size View Details
1 Biomedical Waste Criteria I PDF 10 MB Detail
2 Health kitchen and Dietary Service Criteria I PDF 15 MB Detail
3 Simple waste management services Criteria I PDF 8 MB Detail
4 Hospital Area cleaning Sanitation services Criteria I PDF 13 MB Detail
5 Nursing Services Criteria I PDF 6 MB Detail
6 Outsourcing of inhouse mechanized Laundry Criteria I PDF 10 MB Detail
7 Outsourcing work for registration Criteria I PDF 11 MB Detail
8 Paramedical staff 192 Criteria I PDF 9 MB Detail
9 Security System Criteria I PDF 6 MB Detail
10 Agreement of Kone make lift Criteria I PDF 3.1 MB Detail
11 Agreement of Maintinance of immovable properties Criteria I PDF 3.2 MB Detail
12 Annual Contract of AC Criteria I PDF 6.7 MB Detail
13 CAMC of OTIS make Lift Criteria I PDF 3.2 MB Detail
14 Hospital achal sampattiyo ka anurakshan Criteria I PDF 2.9 MB Detail
15 Maintenance of immovable properties para Criteria I PDF 2.2 MB Detail
16 Paramedical civil anurakshan agreement Criteria I PDF 3 MB Detail
17 Operation and Maintenance of Effluent Sewage Treatment Plan Criteria I PDF 3.8 MB Detail
18 Gem Contract for Canteen Services Criteria I PDF 2.39 MB Detail
19 Annual Maintenance Service-Air Conditioner Criteria I PDF 1.05 MB Detail
20 Supply of Consumables/reagents for 24X7 Central Lab (Reg. Our work order dated 08.11.2019) Criteria I PDF 2 MB Detail
21 Supply of Surgical Items Criteria I PDF 1.62 MB Detail
22 Contract for Horticulture Services in University Criteria I PDF 2.07 MB Detail
23 Supply Order for 637 and 638 Criteria I PDF 1.31 MB Detail
24 Supply Orders of Consumables Central Lab and Orthopedic Chair Criteria I PDF 1.22 MB Detail
25 Amendment for Repair Order no 502/UPUMS/MM-Repair/104/23-24 Criteria I PDF 1.36 MB Detail
26 Supply of Surgical Items Criteria I PDF 1.43 MB Detail
27 Supply of Surgical Items 646/UPUMS/1403/MMD-SURGICALS/23-24 Criteria I PDF 1.59 MB Detail
28 Supply and Installation Networking Item. 657/UPUMS/MM-LP/Networking/23-24 Criteria I PDF 2.31 MB Detail
29 Supply of Surgical Items 658/1421-CD/MMD-SURGICALS/UPUMS/23-24 Criteria I PDF 1.45 MB Detail
30 Supply Order of OPG Film and MRI Contrst PK Criteria I PDF 1.69 MB Detail
31 Supply of ki NAAC Software 670/UPUMS/MM-D/Pharmacy/21/2023-24 Criteria I PDF 124 KB Detail
32 Supply Order 676/UPUMS/MM-24x7Cent.LabPath(1167)Vol-I/23-24 Criteria I PDF 0.99 MB Detail
33 Supply of Surgical Items 902/UPUMS/1312CD/MMD-SURGICALS/23-24 Criteria I PDF 3.10 MB Detail
34 Supply of Dressing Items 903/UPUMS/1799-CD/MMD-DRESSING/23-24 Criteria I PDF 3.00 MB Detail
35 Supply of Surgical Items 904/UPUMS/1800-CD/MMD-SURGICALS/23-24 Criteria I PDF 3.10 MB Detail
36 Supply of Dressing Items 905/UPUMS/108-CD/MMD-DRESSING/23-24 Criteria I PDF 2.75 MB Detail
37 Supply sf Surgical Items 906/UPUMS/1421-CD/MMD-SURGICALS/23-24 Criteria I PDF 3.13 MB Detail
38 Supply of Surgical Items 901/UPUMS/974-CD/MMD-SURGICALS/23-24 Criteria I PDF 2.88 MB Detail
39 PAC Certificate of Neurosurgery Consumables Criteria I PDF 889 KB Detail
40 Supply of Item against your Quotation ref. No. SW/1710/01/23-24 dt:17/10/2023 Criteria I PDF 2.41 MB Detail
41 Supply Order for 678/UPUMS/MMD/673-CD/2023-24 Criteria I PDF 1.89 MB Detail
42 Supply Order for 936/UPUMS/MM-Paedia./372/14-15/2023-24 Criteria I PDF 2.27 MB Detail
43 Supply Order for 944/UPUMS/MM-Cons./11-92CD/2023-24 Criteria I PDF 397 KB Detail
44 Cancellation of Supply Order Criteria I PDF 207 KB Detail
45 Supply order of Tens Nail Tentium Criteria I PDF 260 KB Detail
46 Work Order of Cantt Dry Cleaners Lucknow Criteria I PDF 421 KB Detail
47 Supply Order Singh Surgical and Medico Etw Criteria I PDF 848 KB Detail
48 Supply Orders of Mishra Sales Etw Farm8 Etw and Pine Sports Meerut Criteria I PDF 2.0 MB Detail
49 Supply Order No.963 dt: 24.01.2024 for the Supply of 24x7 Microbiology Central Lab Criteria I PDF 354 KB Detail
50 Supply of Cath Lab Items on Consignment Basis Criteria I PDF 2.52 MB Detail
51 Supply Order No.962 dt: 23.01.2024 for the Supply of CSSD Consumables. Criteria I PDF 479 KB Detail
52 Supply Order for New deva Agencies Kanpur Lub Dub Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd Chennai POCT Services Kanpur New Deva Agencies Kanpur Criteria I PDF 3.20 MB Detail
53 Supply Order No.967 dt: 25.01.2024 for the supply of Consumables for 24x7 Pathology Central Lab Criteria I PDF 320 KB Detail
54 Supply Order No.971 and 972 dt: 30.01.2024 for the supply of Ortho Implants Criteria I PDF 550 KB Detail